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   The SysOp

   Greetings! My name is Dave and I am the SysOp & creator/publisher of this Web Site. Therefore, I am solely responsible for it's content. There will be other contributors, but the 'byte' will stop with me.

   I have been interested in electronics since 1968 or so, disassembling my first TV set at age 13 (never got that one to work again), but I was HOOKED! After graduating from Whitmore Lake High School in 1971, I attended Washtenaw Community College taking a 'Radio and TV Servicing' curriculum. I've been active in the computer industry since the fall of '77 when I returned from the US Army. Bought my first 'computer' in October of 1977, a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I with 4K of RAM and cassette BASIC!! BOY! Have we come a long way... :)

   Cathy, my wife, Heather, my darling daughter, our pets; Hillary (Heather's cat), 45 [or so] chickens, and I make up DLELAND FARMS. It's not much, but it's lots of fun!

   Follow this link to see some short stories I wrote in college...


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